Friday, 15 February 2013

Five things I'd love to see happen at Oscars 2013

I'll pop up my traditional Oscar prediction thingummy in short order... but here are the five things I really want to happen at 2013's orgy of self-congratulation. I've tried not to go for things that obviously won't happen but given my generally poor track record/kiss-of-death propensity, chances are that at least four of the below won't actually transpire.

5. Steven Spielberg not to win Best Director

Okay, let's get this straight first - I love Spielberg, he's amazing etc. etc. but Lincoln just didn't do it for me - perhaps it was just one too many lingering shots of grateful African-Americans gazing wistfully at that nice Mister President, or the needless injection of eminently Spielbergian daddy issues. Either way, War Horse was twice the film of Lincoln (seriously). Michael Haneke won't win it in a month of Sundays, so I'd say bung the thing to Ang Lee for Life of Pi which was, at the very least, quite spectacular.

4. Zero Dark Thirty to win Best Film

In what is a bit of a best-of-a-bad-bunch call, (Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild will be treating their noms as wins) Zero Dark Thirty  has to be the most worthy (in the best sense) of the front runners to take the statuette. It would also be one in the eye to all of the detractors peddling the nonsensical torture-related arguments. Won't happen though - I just checked the odds on Argo, now apparently unassailable.

3.The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey to win something... anything

Perhaps not really Academy Award material, but it's still a great film, more interesting and imaginative than it has been given credit for and those technical categories... nobody really cares that much about them, do they? So slip one down to Middle-Earth - how about Best Make-Up/Hair at least for the imaginative bird-nest stylings of Sylvester McCoy? Pigeon crap... because he's worth it.

2. Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola to win Best Original Screenplay

Moonrise Kingdom has been criminally overlooked by the Academy - in fact, Wes Anderson's work en tout has been overlooked (just two other nominations beyond this one - Screenplay again for The Royal Tenenbaums and Animated Feature for Fantastic Mr Fox) - with just this single nod, despite substantially inferior films/directors/actors sneaking into other categories. I have a strong feeling that Mark Boal will take the gong with his admittedly impressive Zero Dark Thirty script, but a first win for Wes would lighten what promises to be a celebration of overcooked bombast.

1. Roger Deakins to win Best Cinematography

This is Deakins's tenth Academy Award nomination - tenth! - without having won. The smart money's probably on that Miranda fella for the admittedly-gorgeous Life of Pi. But Skyfall was pretty gorgeous too (remember the jellyfish?) but here's a chap who finally deserves his recognition - and I'd be very happy indeed if he got it.


  1. I'm personally rooting for#2, myself, but it likely won't.

    I wouldn't be mad if Spielberg wins Director, though I'm rooting for Lee. Affleck winning would be great, but not because of Argo -which I haven't seen, but because he was the bomb in Phantoms, yo.

    I'll pull for anyone who's 0/9...but Life of Pi was a visual masterpiece.

    Good to hear from you, Joe.