Sunday, 12 February 2012

Movie #13 Chronicle

 A quick one, then: Chronicle. Scripted by Max Landis (the sequel to John Landis) and directed by the disgustingly young Josh Trank (b. 1984), it’s one of those found-footage thingies, like Cloverfield and Cannibal Holocaust, in which three high-school seniors develop powers of telekinesis (quite how this happens doesn’t really matter – the film is as comically dismissive of this event as it is tenuous in its justification and use of ‘real footage’). The three use these powers at first for horseplay and shenanigans, but soon they develop dangerously beyond their own control etc. etc.

So it’s actually a pretty okay film – tightly plotted, with some clever touches (when the trio over-exert themselves, they get nosebleeds).  Obviously it doesn’t do to overthink it – beyond the physics of it all, there are a lot of ‘how did nobody see that’ moments, not to mention the pretty flat characterisation and the Saved by the Bell-level dialogue. But as a smart entertainment, to go and sit and watch with yer popcorn and a vat of cola, it’s perfectly decent. Go and see it.



  1. Yeah I agree, fun stuff but not gonna blow your mind. Loved the range and amount of cameras used to capture the climax!

  2. Did anyone else notice how the reflection of the camera bore no relation to it's actual movement?

  3. With the right expectations, I had a decent time. At least it seemed like everyone was trying...I think it also told a fairly dark tale for a PG-13 flick.

  4. @Pete - I thought they were really pushing it toward the end with the 'found footage'... still, it doesnt really matter that much. The bit in the hospital was good.

    @Waffler - I heard about that, so couldn't help but see it! But I don't think the film bears a great deal of scrutiny all round.

    @m.brown - yeah, expectations are key. This has been quite well reviewed all round, which might lead to disappointment. IMO from the trailer it looked irritating and cheesy, so it was a mildly pleasant surprise when it wasn't rotten.

  5. Good review, I would quite like to see this one.