Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Movie #10 The Sitter

In which Jonah Hill plays the titular sitter, a twenty-something unemployed layabout looking to earn a bit of spare cash by babysitting the troublesome children of a voluptuous family friend. All of which is essentially an excuse to make lots of very, very silly jokes.

Coming from the good folks who delivered Pineapple Express, aimed squarely at the stoner-slacker demographic (to whom Hollywood caters somewhat disproportionately) and bereft of major stars (Hill, while a decent sort, is not leading-man material), this is not, on the face of it, particularly appealing. However, after struggling through a couple of humourless, two-hour-plus wannabe heavyweights (see here and here), The Sitter’s light-hearted irreverence and highly economical 83-minute runtime actually came as a blessed relief.

To call it ‘slight’ would be to overstate its heft; this really is a cavalcade of brainless quick and dirty laughs – there’s nothing clever or original here, and a lot of it isn’t even that funny. But – I did laugh occasionally, I wasn’t bored and while I wasn’t challenged either, that’s not always what we look for in a film. Sometimes we just want to switch off and have someone make you giggle. If you’re in that kind of mood, and you’re not immediately turned off by a plot involving a daft drug deal, lots of gratuitous swearing, racial/cultural stereotyping (I think it stays just about on the right side of the line here) and scatological/sexual humour, then you might enjoy The Sitter. Just don’t expect to respect yourself the morning after.