Monday, 2 January 2012

Intermission: 2012: first quarter preview

 2012 has a fair few cinematic delights in store, not least the first Hobbit film, Sam Mendes's Bond treatment Skyfall and the forthcoming Ridley Scott epic Prometheus, among others.

For now though I'll just look forward to the next three months: here's my top five most-anticipated for the first quarter of 2012:

But before I get into the list: The Artist. One of the most talked about films of 2011, and it's not been released up here amongst the dark satanic mills. The official UK release date, irritatingly, is 30th December 2011. Well, I'm still watching & reviewing it, even if it won't be making any end-of-year lists.

5. The Muppets
I'm an unapologetic Muppet fan and while this clearly won't be Citizen Kane I still expect to be thoroughly amused and entertained by Kermit & co. Bret McKenzie's involvement also bodes well.

4. A Dangerous Method
The advanced word on after it's US release suggests a somewhat flawed adaptation of this Christopher Hampton stage play about Freud and Jung. However, I have enough faith in the Cronenberg/Fassbender/Mortensen troika that I'll be giving it a chance.

3. Martha Marcy May Marlene
This serious treatment of cult indoctrination and recovery finally makes it over to the UK. By all accounts the lead performance by Elizabeth Olsen is terrific; it also stars John Hawkes, an actor for whom I have a great deal of time. 

2. Coriolanus
Fiennes. Redgrave. Shakespeare. Come on, how could you not be looking forward to this? Corialanus may be a brave choice (a lesser-known play, with a vaguely unfortunate name) but the modern-day setting looks promising for this enduring tragedy.

1. Shame
Yet another 2011 hangover that hasn't yet received it's UK release. Steve McQueen reunites with Michael Fassbender with this dark exploration of sex addiction, also starring Carey Mulligan as Fassbender's dysfunctional sister. The presence of these three electrifying cinematic talents add up to make Shame my most anticipated film of the coming months.

Honourable mentions also for Hunger Games and The Iron Lady (if only too see how director Phyllida Lloyd handles the wild-eyed, salivating polarisation that the word 'Thatcher' brings out in us Brits).


  1. Coriolanus sounds good, I hope it lives up to it's promise!