Friday, 9 December 2011

List #7 Top Five... night club shootouts!

To be honest,this could've been a top-ten job: it's a surprisingly common movie trope, the old disco/crossfire combo, with lots of scope for kinetic, fun action - confusion, people screaming and running, shattered glass everywhere, discoballs and so on. Here are my favourites:

(And no, the Mos Eisley cantina does not count as a nightclub)

5. Collateral

Not my favourite movie, but a great scene. Silver fox (sort of) Tom Cruise is pleasingly ruthless as anti-hero Vincent carrying out a hit on a Korean mob boss. Let's be honest, we've all wanted to do that kind of nonchalant post-assassination stride that the unruffled Cruise manages after another clean(ish) kill.

4. City of God

Maybe the most realistic depiction on the list, amid the strobe lights and funky sounds of a Rio party. Merielles's stylish and brilliant movie depicts the confusion, shock and panic as the wrong boss gets offed by a vindictive junior hoodlum.

3. Robocop

I've always loved the way the Hollywood depicts nightclubs, particularly in the mid-80s to  mid 90s period - think Showgirls, think Basic Instinct - pounding techno music, outlandish dress, lots of neon, very serious dancing and usually a back room where top dogs and their molls carouse over mountains of cocaine. Robocop's shootout is from just such a night spot, as Peter Weller's target, deliciously madcap Ray Wise, foolishly goes for the groin.

2. The Terminator

The grubby, curiously well-lit "Tech-Noir" nightclub is our first faceoff between the relentless T-800 and the resourceful, shotgun-toting Kyle Reese. Come with me if you want to live!

1. Scarface

Prefaced by the rather odd 'masked-clown-in-fat-suit' sequence, this assassination attempt is Brian De Palma at his best. Kinetic, intense, suspenseful and (like the film itself) very, very shiny.


  1. I loved that scene in Robocop, and it was a great moment from Collateral. Terrific selection

  2. Thanks - except, now I come to think of it, is a shot actually fired in that Robocop scene? Back to the drawing board, maybe...

  3. That scene in City of God is one of my favourite in cinema. The tension, the stobe lights, the music, the cinematography, it's perfect! And then the death of an awesome character that is the beggining of the war!

  4. Definitely enjoyed the nightclub shootout in Collateral! Very well-done.