Sunday, 20 November 2011

Film #67 The Awakening

It’s difficult to review this very British chiller satisfactorily without spoiling the plot. I’ll just say that ultimately, the film does not have the courage of its convictions and, for me anyway, took some pretty easy and disappointing options towards the end.

There are certainly good things about it – Rebecca Hall shows that she can carry a film;  Dominic West is agreeably tortured; the suspense scenes are imaginatively shot with some proper old-school jumps; the ‘rationalist’ framing of the plot works well at the start – but they are undermined by reversion to ghost-story type and a remarkably unoriginal ‘twist’, as well as two peculiar performances by villainous humans, who are so pantomime in their naughtiness the audience counter-intuitively expects them to turn out as saviours. Not a satisfying film at all, but good for a few ghostly scares nonetheless.



  1. Welcome back, Slut! You've been missed.

  2. I would really like to watch this but I've been unable to make myself watch anything with Dominic in it post The Wire. Think I'm still grieving but thanks for the food for thought.