Friday, 19 August 2011

Capsule catchups - films # 60-62

OK - it's catchup time. Sadly, as detailed in previous posts, I've been neglecting my film-going duties of late. Nonetheless, here are a few capsule reviews of flicks that I did manage to catch over the last month or so. It's not all doom and gloom y'know.

The Green Lantern

OK - we're going waaaaay back now, and casting my mind back to this Ryan Reynolds comic-book affair is tricky: this was one forgettable movie. It wasn't awful, of course - the story was a mess, but the effects were good, the acting generally OK and there was certainly some imagination on display in the alien creations and the world-eating smoke-monster villain. I'd say this was slightly better than Thor, which I didn't care for, but still this probably won't be remembered too fondly (if at all). It's just not... that... good. Reynolds is frighteningly buff, though.


Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt 2

If you're reading this, you've probably already read too much about this movie. Suffice to say here that I liked it very much, the effects were marvellous, the acting was superb - not just the grand old dames of British theatre, but the kids as well - and the story is, of course, terrific. Bad points? The twenty-years-from-now coda is as ill-judged here as in the book, the 3D was dreadful and I'm still not entirely convinced that the goblins are not just horrific anti-semitic stereotypes. But yes, a decent blockbuster, solid entertainment with a fair bit of polish.



In which J.J. Abrams takes his Speilberg-worship to it's logical conclusion, making a movie about kids' with daddy issues having adventures with the supernatural. The film is charming and well-acted, but falls apart a bit when it moves away from Stand By Me territory into Cloverfield. There are definitely some good jumps and scares, but the creature just didn't convince me (nor did the plot toward the end). The child actors are magnificent though, and there's some very funny dialogue ("He's too stoned!"). In the end, I do feel this film is a force for good - it's not a sequel, there are no stars involved, there's proper storytelling at work - but it just doesn't quite come together at the end. A valiant effort though.


I'll finally be catching Bridesmaids this evening, and possibly also the Inbetweeners movie. Then I'm dying to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which by all accounts is excellent.


  1. One of the few instances where i've seen all the films listed. I'm what is known as a comic book geek, so you can tell I enjoyed Green Lantern, but it could've been SO much better.
    Harry Potter was a great experience for me, especially since I saw it in 2D, and I loved it.
    Super 8 was good, but I felt the ending was quite rushed. I will say that if the movie was released focusing only on the kids making the movie with none of the alien stuff, i'd watch that purely for the great young actors and their brilliant chemistry with one another.
    So anyway, great reviews