Sunday, 15 May 2011

Film #43 Priest 3D

A quickie - Priest 3D.

A comic-book adap (N.B. not to be confused with DC Comics' far superior Preacher), the titular Priest (Paul Bettany) is a vampire-slaying all-action kinda cleric in a future apocalyptic Earth who must do battle with said undead to retrieve his kidnapped niece (shades of The Searchers).

Like its spiritual brother, Season of the Witch, it's not completely awful: the cast - which includes Christopher Plummer, Karl Urban and former Twin Peaks starlet Madchen Amick - at least seem to be having some fun, and it's a decent length (hurrah!). But the 3D is pointless (yet again), the effects are ho-hum, the premise is unoriginal and the story is lumpy and unforgivably dull (with a ludicrous denouement). To be fair, I should animadvert that I am no fan of vampire movies, particularly of the all-action Underworld variety in which tradition Priest 3D sits. But even objectively this is no-brainer trash.