Friday, 27 May 2011

List #2 Top Five... screen drinking contests

Last Friday I posted a list (top ten westerns of the new millennium), so today I thought, hmmm, let's make this a regular feature. So, this week's list is inspired by the fact that I'm on the wagon at the moment for health reasons (though I may gracefully and briefly dismount for the Champions League final tomorrow evening) - which leads me somewhat clunkily to share my top five cinematic drinking contests. L'chaim!

(N.B. this is actual on-screen drinking contests, not those audience-participation games where you down a pint everytime there's a tremor in The Force or whatever. Just to be clear.)

5. China Seas

To prove this isn't a new thang, Jean Harlow was boozing with the best of them (including Wallace 'no pun intended' Beery) back in 1935.

4. The Social Network

Back to the 21st century, and Jesse Eisenberg's Mark Zuckerberg shows his puckish side with an unorthodox recruitment method involving coding, a baying crowd of students and vast quantities of Jose Cuervo.

3. Tales of Terror

Critical opinion is divided on the most terrifying thing about this film: it's either the bloated Peter Lorre or Vincent Price's ludicrous hamminess. Nonetheless, there is a gem of a wine-drinking contest involved, with some fabulous gurning from the Price.

2. Beerfest

The whole movie is a drinking contest really, but the 'eye of the Jew' giant-boot-quaffing denouement stands out. "Whaddaya think about that, fuckhead?!"

And the winner...

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark

How could it not be? Plucky Marion Ravenwood drinks an enormous sherpa under the table, back in the days when Steven S. wasn't afraid to throw around booze and cuss-words. These days they'd be drinking some kind of diet-cola in fluffy-bunny-land, with CGI gophers winking at the camera in the foreground. Not that I was pissed off about Crystal Skull or anything.


  1. Easily the best of the Indy ladies.

  2. Great pick for number one. I love Karen Allen in that scene.

  3. So glad you picked Marion for the win. Note also that not too long after this, she takes a pretty healthy pull from the barrel that gets shot through during the fight sequence.

    She can handle her liquor, that Marion.

  4. Awesome pick for number one! That is a great drinking scene!