Thursday, 19 May 2011

Film #46 Something Borrowed

Let's get this one over and done with. The plot's a basic 'man + fiancee + fiancee's best friend' love triangle. Egglesfield is the leading man (and also a living embodiment of the fine American insult 'douchebag'), Kate Hudson is the self-obsessed bride-to-be and Ginnifer Goodwin is our plucky(ish) heroine.

I'm not going to dwell on analysis, suffice to say that it's way too long, it inhabits a suspect moral universe, and it contrives to be utterly cliched whilst not quite conforming to the genre expectations of the romantic comedy (there are a number of loose ends left at the end). There's also the problem of having star-crossed lovers who are pretty unsympathetic, leaving the audience not really caring whether or not they defy the odds and get together in the end.

The performance are fine, I suppose, with a little (intentional) humour injected by John Krasinski as The Kooky Best Friend. but this is a bad film, to be avoided even by romcom devotees. And it's sponsored by Heineken (fuck that shit!)