Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Intermission - Coming To A Screen Near YOU!

Having just gone through a bit of a dry spell in terms of quality cinema (i.e. seven films since the excellent Animal Kingdom, all rating five or less on the Slut-o-meter) I'm turning to the trailers to give me solace on what's due in the pipeline. Based on what I've seen (and there are a fair few films that haven't been trailed on movies that I've watched) I've put these forthcoming movies into a few discrete anticpatory categories. Enjoy...

(N.B. A review of Rango, which I enjoyed immensely, is on the way very soon, so it's not all doom and gloom chez Slut.)


Submarine - if it's shown at my local, that is. Looks great, in a Rushmore-ish way (though I animadvert that I am no fan of director Richard Ayoade's comedy acting).
Fair Game - I heart Naomi Watts.

Look tolerable:

Sucker Punch - cartoonish tough-girl sass that should also pass the Bechdel Test - rare in an action movie
The Resident - might not be great, but horror is usually better on the big screen. Hammer + Swank can't be all bad.
Scream 4 - I enjoyed the first three, and I trust Wes Craven not to cock it up. The trailer is unusual these days in that it's not a precis of the film's plot but gives a flavour of what the film is about without any unnecessary 'reveals'.
The Lincoln Lawyer - straightforward Hollywood legal-thriller stuff, but the cast list - including William H. Macy - looks promising

Not looking forward to:

Hop - animated bunny action, starring the worryingly-ubiquitous Russell Brand.
Arthur - more Brand, this time in a remake (why?) of Dudley Moore's breakout film.
Battle: Los Angeles - alien invasion schlock, looks portentous and boring,
Limitless - I'm not sure whether hunky Bradley Cooper has the wherewithal to hold a movie together
Fast & Furious Vol. 12 (or whatever) - despite the presence of Dwayne Johnson this does not look entertaining
Kung-Fu Panda 2 - fucking Jack Black.
Red Riding Hood - 'on paper' the old fairy tale has a lot of cinematic promise, in an Angela Carter-ish way. However, the cigar-chompers have decided to do it all Twilight, so looks tiresome.
The Roommate - looks like a whole bunch of cheap scares. I jump VERY easily but don't scare very well so tend to find this kind of film irrating.


Your Highness - looks like utter shit from the trailer. Quite how Natalie Portman has got involved in it I don't know.
Rio - I bear this film an extraordinary amount of ill-will, mostly because of the bloody Orange advert that I've now had to sit through over thirty times.

Dark horses (i.e. films that might be better than their trailer/cast/title/premise/etc. would suggest)

Chalet Girl - awful in theory (and the only interest I have in skiing is that fact that it contains two consecutive 'i's), and I was going to put it in the 'Dreading' category but I suspect it may be entertaining in silly, knockabout way.
Cowboys & Aliens - I am deeply unsure about this one. I think the concept may be slightly overwrought, but you can't argue with a cast list containing both Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.
Hall Pass - the presence of Stephen Merchant and Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm might redeem this Hangover-ish laddy romp.
Tomorrow, When The War Began - actually a fairly interesting concept (holidaying gap-year types inadvertantly miss enemy invasion, form guerilla resistance), but all depends on the execution.