Saturday, 5 March 2011

Film #25 Drive Angry 3D

Okay, let's not dwell too long on this one. As I've said previously, I'm a big fan of Nic Cage - a tough gig, and Drive Angry 3D doesn't make it any easier.

The plot is so ludicrous that it could actually be good - sadly (and predictably) it's not. Cage is John Milton (no, not him), a criminal escapee from Hell (that's actual, biblical Hell, not some grimy project in West Philly) out to kill the man who killed him and his children and save his granddaughter from Satanic ritual sacrifice (yup). He is pursued by an agent of Hell (Willliam Fichtner) and improbably aided by Amber Heard, a chaste-but-ass-kicking waitress.

So, yes, it's rubbish. Cliched, and even slightly dull - there aren't nearly enough bangs and explosions and chases.  It's fine to be stupid if it's fun, but this isn't fun - and it's a good twenty minutes too long. Were it in 2D I'd give it a three out of ten, but as I've been insulted with a further charge for utterly pointless 3D, it's a:



  1. Really? I was so hoping this would get some jokingly good reviews, but people are saying it's legitimately bad. Eh, I might take a chance on it anyhow...

  2. I actually, against my own better judgement probably, quite liked this movie. It has a fun and giddy Grindhouse flair to it.

  3. Huge Cage fan also. Working on watching all of his movies this year!

    This was pretty fun! Loved the walking away from the explosion in slow motion bit. Classic 80s

  4. In retrospect, I may have been a bit harsh on this. 3/10?

    I was probably in a bad mood when I saw it.