Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Intermission: Confessions of a Multiplex Slut

Confession time.

Okay, so I'm only in month one and I've already missed a film. Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton in Morning Glory, in case you're wondering. I will endeavour to catch up with it on DVD later in the year.

Extenuating circumstances? Well, I'm struck down with a mini-bout of 'flu at the mo, so I'm confined to barracks for the time being.

The fact is, it's becoming clear that I just won't be able to watch absolutely everything. This month alone I've got three overnight trips away with work (I do have a job in real-life), a long weekend in a remote Scottish cottage, the significant other's birthday and, of course, St. Valentine's day (upon which you will not catch me anywhere near a bloody cinema screen). Then in April, I'm out of the country for two weeks - Uganda, thanks for asking - so I will no doubt miss one or two of the big Easter releases as well. And then there's who-knows-what after that.

But I'll do my best. I'm going to try and catch The Fighter and Hereafter (or maybe Tangled - but I have a feeling that'll get a long run) tomorrow or Thursday before heading for the Highlands on Friday morning.

I will do this. 95% of it.