Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Film #14 Just Go With It

In homage to Spinal Tap: Shit Sandwich.

Oh, a proper review? Well, if you've seen the trailer for this, then go no further - you don't need to see the film. The premise, and essentially the plot, is contained therein.

I'm not going to waste to much time on this one, suffice to say that it is entirely awful. There is not a single redeeming feature about this film. I didn't laugh once, the plot is stupid, misogynistic and patronising. The performances are about what you'd expect: Adam Sandler plays Adam Sandler (i.e. a dick), Brooklyn Decker plays A Pair Of Breasts, and there are some dreadful children who are just crying out to be shoved up a chimney. Jennifer Aniston - a good actress who really, really, needs to be in a decent film soon - and Nicole Kidman are not waving, but drowning.

The ending? I didn't see it. It's the first walkout of the year; all of a sudden I was struck by the urge to do some grocery shopping; ordinarily I will try and sit through the whole film (and to be fair I made it through The Dilemma) but this abomination is nearly two hours long, and half way through enough was enough. It's holds the accolade of being only the second film I've ever walked out of (the other being The Passion of the Christ).

'Starring Adam Sandler' is now basically shorthand for 'fucking dreadful movie'. Truly he is a waste of the planet's oxygen supply

Worst film of the year so far. A thoroughly deserved:


Screening notes: watching this as I did during half term week, there were a good number of 12-15 year-olds in the theatre and to be fair some of them found bits of it funny (e.g. the bits involving making fun of ugly people/homosexuals/ethnic minorities). Draw your own conclusion.


  1. Along with Eat, Prey, Love, Vomit, this is the most annoying film i've ever seen!