Monday, 21 February 2011

Film #12 Hereafter

I shouldn't be writing this review.

You shouldn't be reading this review.

We should instead be on our knees, praying that Clint Eastwood doesn't pop his clogs without making another film; it would be very sad if this cinematic titan's last offering to the world was the half-baked claptrap that is Hereafter. It is emphatically not a good film.

So, seeing as we're not wasting any time, the good news:
  • It features several actors who I'm happy to see getting some big-screen action, including:
    • Steven R Schirripa (Bobby 'Baccala' Baccalieri, of Sopranos fame)
    • Niamh Cusack
    • Richard Kind
    • Matthew Baynton (off of Gavin and Stacey)
  • It features the lovely Charles Dickens's House Museum in Bloomsbury
  • Err...
  • That's it
And the bad news:
  • Matt Damon is at his "Matt Damon" worst
  • It feels uncharitable to point it out, but the standard of acting from the younger members of the cast is wince-inducingly poor.
  • The story - the problem is not that it's packed with morally-questionable, hokey tosh. This would be forgivable were the script and the structure not so extroardinarily saggy and flaccid.
  • I am mystified as to why this has been nominated for a special effects Oscar. Most of the film is bog-standard effects-wise, so I assume it's for the opening tsunami set-piece. For me, it didn't work at all; the CG was too obviously present and anyone who's seen those documentaries with real-life tsunami footage will recognise the classic failure of making the effect both more visually impressive and less actually horrific.
  • It's a cheap shot, I suppose, but as ever London is highly-unconvincingly drawn in a Hollywood flick (as is Paris, though we do have at least a couple of minutes before the first Tour Eiffel shot).



  1. i'm not gonna lie to you i seriously considered watching this. eastwood's name is a bit of a drawcard. but then i read the synopsis and put it in my no way not ever pile. and now you tell me Deano from Gavin & Stacy was in it?

    on that subject, stacy was spotted naked in From Hell recently, desperately trying not to be welsh. it's a shame you're only watching everything that gets a cinematic release as your views on that film would be interesting.